Speech by Mbada Diamonds Chief Administration Officer: Mr Major Mahlangu


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Speech by Mbada Diamonds Chief Administration Officer: Mr Major Mahlangu


I’m humbled to stand before you on this prestigious occasion on behalf of the Mbada Diamonds Board Chairman Dr Robert Mhlanga who had to rush for other business.

I call it prestigious because educational institutions especially this one, which concentrate more on skills development are a critical component in the development of this country. To add more spice, this is in Manicaland which happens to be in our home. Because of these fundamental factors, when we received the invitation to grace this occasion as Mbada Diamonds we did not hesitate to accept the invitation.
Today marks the 15th occasion where testimony of good work that the Board of Trustees for Manicaland Training for Enterprise Trust is doing in giving guidance to Government policy implementation.
Indeed it is visible revelation of how community participation compliments government efforts in development programmes.
It is true that I am very much excited today that the Board, Management staff and the student board acknowledge my existence and decided to invite me to their grant annual event. Thanks to Board Chairperson and the Principal Mr Sabwe.
The training for Enterprise philosophy that has been alluded to here is indeed what major economies in the world especially in the Pacific Asian Block adopted for their economic emancipation agenda. If one travels to China, India, Korea and some parts of Arab, what we call flea markets here make the bulk of their shopping space. They use small compartments for trading as a way of accommodating as many players in the sector as possible.
It gives me pleasure ladies and Gentlemen that Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rate in the World.
But regrettably, we have we have a very low GDP and a consumer basket that is a pie in the sky for the majority of our people. The government has put in place policies which seek to enhance the livelihoods of our people but to no avail.
Let’s look at the objectives of the land reform programme, the indigenization and empowerment programmes as examples. Such policies are geared to change socio economic status of the citizens but not much change is visible.
The sanctions that are in place now as a response to the agrarian revolution has seen brain drain escalating, companies closing especially those of foreign inclination and an increase in the unemployment rate.
The hardest hit band in our demography is the youth who make the largest constituency of our population. I am grateful to the Ministry of Youth Development Indigenization and Empowerment for establishing and refocusing the institutions to be responsive to the quest of these youngsters who, where it note of Government efforts would have left many resorting to various forms of vices.
The work that these colleges are doing is very commendable. Skills training is the solution to economic growth.
As Mbada Diamonds, we value education and this is why we have scholarship programmes in Manicaland and we hope to partner more organisations in our home. The Youth are the way to the Future and without planning for the Future there is no Tomorrow.
However, skills alone do not go very far if they are not accompanied by innovations. Dreaming at times helps because it is also a thought process that is usually accompanied by sober analysis, reconstruction and implementation.
Your theme Mr Principal “Promoting Innovations through skills development and Empowerment for economic growth” is indeed another dream that’s generating and guiding your internal training policies to noble limits that need complimenting.
This is so in two ways – Churning skills creates self dependence just as much as it creates entrepreneurship.
In the same vein, skills development leads to empowerment. We want the audience today to know that no purpose in life has a future without skill. Most people have discovered their purpose but are not equipped to deliver it. No matter how great your calling, no matter how genuine your pursuit, your purpose will never be accomplished without skill. To every trade there is a required skill and the quality of your skill is what determines the quality of your output. Training whether formal or informal is a devise through which skill is acquired. All people that are successful through speculation may soon be trapped, but if one is engaging in skills development he or she remains in command. Time spent in acquiring skill is not time wasted it is time profitably invested. Nothing happens by chance in life. Bishop Oyedepo was once quoted as saying “you don’t need to make noise to make news; you make moves to make news. The moves you make determine the waves you cause and the waves you cause determine the news you make”. So it’s time to make the moves for needed skills acquisition so you can begin to cause waves in your field and begin to make news in the ultimate.
At Mbada Diamonds we are “Harnessing Diamonds for people.” I am now quite convinced ladies and gentlemen that this invitation is not just a dream to be fulfilled by the presence of Mbada Diamonds here, but evidence of industry and college collaboration for skills development and empowerment for economic growth.
I stand before you all here representing industry and commerce who make the bigger part of absorbers of products from institutions like Magamba Training Centre or Manicaland Training For Enterprise Trust.
The Government recognizes the critical role of private sector in the provision of the country’s public infrastructure. Murerwa H.M. (2004) acknowledges that “The large financial resource requirements to adequately provide for depreciation as well as new capital projects” cannot be addressed without Public Private Sector Partnerships.
Experience elsewhere has it that if appropriately and properly implemented Public Private Sector Partnerships can make significant contributions towards enhancing public infrastructure provision.
Successful PPPs do not only solve public financial resource constraints, but in some instances provide the critical technical support in areas of computerization, construction just to mention but a few. Magamba Training Centre is a lucky institution in that despite lack of adequate financial support it is set in a Province full of natural resources of high value and quality. We urge companies to put their heads together to support the noble agenda of the college.
The allegory of cave as alluded to by Plato envisages that those that manage to go out of the cover must not forget those that remained inside the dark environment. Indeed industry is made up of people who have come from communities and colleges like Magamba who should give back to the community.
At Mbada Diamonds we strongly respect our corporate social investment. We participated more in the sporting discipline as a way of ploughing back to the communities. We have also been engaged in
• Road infrastructure development
• Constructed 100 state-of-the-art houses that are solar powered for relocated families from Chiadzwa in Arda Transaau.
• We have enganged in environmental activities.
• Provision of water access to Chiadzwa and Mkwada areas in Mutare Rural District through drilling more than 60 boreholes.
• Distribution of agricultural inputs to needy families as well as food aid.

We are told that 154 trainees went through the training for enterprise skills development and will today graduate with certificates. I say well done well done and well done. This is a platform to assist your country by adding value to what you learnt.
This indirectly has created 154 competent personnel, who will then create employment in the long run.
This is commendable.
Let me also hasten to acknowledge the 43 females that are part of those to be crowned today and who have been trained in skills development.
When one looks at some of the courses being offered, Motor Mec, Metal Work, Carpentry, Brick Laying, Agriculture and many others, it is evident that these courses used to be a preserve for the male specie.
Women have also taken up these courses as a way of addressing gender in-balance.
We at Mbada Diamonds believe in empowering both the male and the female as we give them equal opportunities and for this reason we have a female compliment at our mine.
As we Harness diamonds for the people, we harness for the generality of the population we would like to thank the Ministry of youth development, indeginization and empowerment for coming up with strategies and support that help empower our youth. The mineral resources belong to the people of Zimbabwe. We are cognisant of the fact that we have been privileged to mine this resource and as such we should benefit the communities we are operating in.
Well done to all the graduates, I hope you will continue to be a shining beacon.

We congratulate you on making it through. I have been informed that some could not manage due to various constraints for example, lack of fees, poor study habits and some opted for a marital route but you were resilient, determined and focused. Because of that we in private sector we open wide arms to receive you, further orient, groom you and work with you eventually for the benefit of our national economic recovery and growth. Well done.


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