Mbada Diamonds (Private) Limited is a diamond mining company duly registered in terms of the laws of Zimbabwe, headquartered in Harare with a staff compliment of approximately 1500 personnel.

Since its registration in August 2009, Mbada Diamonds has undertaken extensive investment into diamond mining operations. These operations are being progressively upgraded to cater for expansion and are matched by corporate, environmental and social investment into the communities in which we operate.

Our Vision is Universal Reach through Accelerated Engagement. Our Strategy is to pursue expedient, value and volume based growth.

Our Vision & Strategy

Our Mission is to undertake mining operations and add value to minerals in a sustainable manner.

Our Mission

We Value innovation, integrity, good corporate citizenship professionalism and efficiency.

Our Values


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme?[+] Expand
KP is a voluntary organisation were Countries with diamonds deposits came together to create an institution that would prevent the trade in conflict diamonds.The KP was created after numerous protests by NGOs against the trade in conflict diamonds from Sierra Leone, Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where rebel movements waged warfare against their Governments. Zimbabwe is one of the founding member States after joining the group in 2002.
Is Mbada compliant with the KP standards?[+] Expand
Compliance with the KPCS minimum requirements was achieved. Mbada upholds world-class standards. KP standards were confirmed by KP review teams that visited Chiadzwa in June 2009 and August 2010. Compliance was also confirmed by the KP Plenary in Jerusalem in November 2010. Add to that list of endorsement, the Kinshasa meeting in June 2011 and the November 2011 Plenary also confirmed Mbada Diamonds’ compliance to KP standards.
Does Mbada Diamonds manufacture finished products like diamond rings?[+] Expand
No, currently Mbada Diamonds does not add value to their diamonds. However there are substantial plans to get into gem grading and cutting. The company upholds the principle of value addition and realizes the need to engage in this as soon as possible so that the amount attained per carat increases thereby increasing revenues that are contributed into the National Fiscus.
How can I get more information on Mbada Diamonds?[+] Expand
If you would like to find out more on Mbada Diamonds, please contact us on the details provided on our website, and we will be happy to assist.


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